000 StreamLine, S/N 482

This is a prototype, which involved experiments with placement of hinges and hinge side steel feet. The initial placements were not satisfactory, so it was necessary to plug the holes and reposition the hardware. The plugged holes were then retouched with gelcoat. The repairs are on the back or bottom side, depending on position, but will only be seen if looked for. In normal use the appearance is consistent with new production.

It is upholstered inside with red crushed velvet, the same material that the best known brand of fiberglass cases used. It was initally fitted out to hold a D model Martin, and it will do so, but a pretty tight fit. It holds a 000 nicely, the better fit being a 12 fret, but works for a 14 fret or OM.

Front view:

Dreadnought fit:

000 12 fret fit:

Price $695 plus $60 insured shipping by UPS Ground.

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