Price Basalt Fiber Cases

How the Price case is constructed

For over a dozen years, commercial fiberglass shops had built the fiberglass shells for Price cases. Hearing a number of negative comments about the weight of the cases, we determined to address the issue in-house and see if it could be greatly improved. The standard layup schedule consisted of five layers of fiberglass chopped mat, which made a really strong case, but heavier than desired.

North of the border, cases were made with four or five layers of fiberglass cloth, resulting in a somewhat lighter case, but more flexible than we liked. It suggested that a blend of mat and cloth might be the ideal solution. A standard layup of two layers of chopped mat, for stiffness, and three layers of cloth, for great strength but less weight, was adopted as the standard.

For even more strength, but almost no additional weight, a pair of Kevlar cloth tape pieces, in the form of a cross, was added to the layup.

Here's the resulting 12.5 pound case supporting 32 times its own weight, 10 40 pound bags of Morton's Salt Pellets.

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