Updated 04/18/22

Gibson Mastertone RB-250 conversion from 1965 TB-250 FON 308342

This is a 1965 Gibson RB-250 Mastertone, originally a TB-250 tenor. It has an original prewar, three ply, taper joint rim, Faulkner flat head tone ring and four resonator screws. When acquired, the banjo showed virtually no signs of use, nearly showroom new. The gold lined Lifton hard case was in perfect condition. The FON number 308342 is stamped on the back of the tenor neck. The rim bears no marking and when acquired, was painted flat black. When the perfect joinery was seen on the top of the rim, the flat black paint was cleaned off and the rim stained style 3 russet. In our opinion, the tone and volume and playability hold their own with late prewar flat head Mastertones. The peghead is dressed out in the fashion of a 1938 L-5 guitar, multiple binding, the broad brush horizontal Gibson script logo, and the oversized Loar style torch in the center. It's truly a unique banjo and a joy to play. The tenor neck and Lifton tenor case are included with the banjo and its five string case. The fingerboard is very old Brazilian rosewood.

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