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Gary H. Price
Price Cases
P O Box 1115
Jones OK 73049

405 659-1959 or 405 916-9434cell


My collection of prewar Gibson one piece flange banjos, Martin, Gibson and Collings guitars, and mandolins must find new homes; listings and links to video clips will be posted in USED FOR SALE. Twelve banjo listings and one mandolin listing are now up. More to come as fast as I can do them. YouTube and Rumble demo videos are linked so you can hear what they sound like.

Note new COLORS page!

NEW products!! Classic case for Dobro type guitars with large bodies will hold the Hipshot Double shot!

SPECIALS.....Prototypes, one of a kind, blems, trade ins, odds and ends

Vega Whyte Laydie #7 5-string conversion, in USED FOR SALE

Nichols Road F-5 mandolin, in USED FOR SALE

Guild herringbone dreadnought guitar, in USED FOR SALE

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Welcome to the Price Case site, under revision from November 25, 2017 until considered finished or until the long black car shows up, whichever comes first.

Price cases are designed, prototyped and handmade by a U. S. Army veteran, retired after almost 23 years of active service. Interior fabric is cut and sewed, and the interiors installed and finished by a fine artist and craftsman who is also a dog groomer and breeder of miniature Schnauzers. The Price commitment is to the very best musical products possible, advances in design, American production using the best and most durable materials available, product reliability, customer satisfaction and relations. Should we fall short of any of these, tell us. If we hit the mark, tell your friends.