Unleashing the Power of the Volcano....the Vulcan series of basalt fiber cases

Basalt Fiber Cloth

Basalt, one of the rocks produced by volcanoes, is spun into fibers in the same manner as fiberglass is spun from molten sand, and cloth woven from the fibers. In engineering terms, the modulus of elasticity is high, resulting in a specific tenacity three times that of steel (from Wikipedia).

Cases have been built with several combinations of fiberglass chopped mat, blended with different weaves and weights of basalt fiber cloth. Based on the cost of basalt fiber materials, it is expected that the price for these composite cases will only be about $100 more than the standard fiberglass models.

This case was laid up using only basalt fiber cloths, in three weights and two weaves. After the cargo box was installed, and the seals and all hardware put on, the case was taken to Lowe's in Midwest City OK where some younger and stronger fellows, Mike, Mark and Karl, stacked 10 80 pound sacks of Sakcrete on top.
After the pictures were taken, the bags were removed and the case inspected for damage or failure. None was observed. When the interior is installed, the finished weight should be slightly less than 13 pounds. The case will support about 60 times its own weight.

Here's the case with the concrete mix stacked on top.

New logo plates have been delivered, with the trade name "Vulcan". Any of the Classic or StreamLine models can be ordered in basalt fiber, under the Vulcan name. A few are in stock as of July 17, 2012. Vulcan was the Roman god of fire.


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