2018 Price Dobro Classic Guitar Case

The Price Classic Dobro (resonator guitar) case is designed to afford excellent protection for the modern, large body resonator guitars such as the Paul Beard E-body and others of similar dimensions. The butt end of the lid is shaped to allow for the installion of the popular Hipshot Double Shot tuning device. With the current layup schedule, finished weights run 13 to 14 pounds.

It is offered in a stark white, bone, aqua, orange or light gray exterior with interior colors Silver gray, Crimson, Royal Blue or Forest Green.. There is a small stock of purple and orange, as well. The leather handle is steel lined for long service.
Storage box is 8 inches long, almost 6 inches wide, and averages 2 5/8" deep.

This case gives the guitar the best possible support and protection from bumps, bruises, shocks and temperature.

Here's what the Dobro Player of the Year, Josh Swift, had to say about the Dobro Classic. Kevin Tompkins talks about fit and shows details of storage space.

Jerret Hall shows exterior and praises the generous amount of storage space.

The fine Byrl guitars made by Byrl Murdock in Darlington, Indiana will now come equipped with a white case and forest green interior.

One aqua exterior, silver gray interior. One orange exterior, blue interior. Building active orders, accepting new orders.

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