Price Guitar Cases

All models are offered in a stark white or bone exterior with interior colors Crimson, Royal Blue or Forest Green.

They give the guitar the best possible support and protection from bumps, bruises, shocks and temperature.

The leather handles are steel lined for long service.

Price Teardrop Guitar Case

The Price teardrop dreadnought guitar case is a wedge-shaped fiberglass case with two storage compartments and the guitar is well supported to provide maximum protection from shock. The instrument does not make contact with the case shell at any point.

Most fiberglass cases are offered with a smooth surface, or texture at additional cost. The Price case is beautifully textured as a standard feature.

Price is listed on ordering page.

White/Forest Green interior (used, see SPECIALS)
Black/Royal Purple interior (custom)

Price Classic D Guitar Case

The Price Classic D (dreadnought guitar) case is designed to afford excellent protection with minimum size. It is 1 1/2" shorter than the teardrop case, and weighs about 5 pounds less, but is every bit as strong.

Storage box is 12 inches long, almost 6 inches wide, and averages 2 5/8" deep.

It is available in either fiberglass or basalt fiber construction. Basalt fiber cases are produced under the Vulcan brand name.

The Price Classic Grand Auditorium case is designed to fit the auditorium or jumbo body shape. It can be adapted to Martin 000 or OM, Martin J or Grand Auditorium, or Taylor 814 class of jumbo. Lower body width of 15 to 17 inches can be fitted by selecting the proper body wall padding thickness.

Specifications are generally the same as the Classic D, other than the shape. Here's the Taylor 814ce in the Classic Grand Auditorium case.

Prices are listed on ordering page.

For those who are frequent fliers, and must check the case as baggage, a stainless rotary latch which will accept a TSA-approved lock is available as an option.

Thanks to our good friend Mark Bramlett in Marietta, Georgia for pushing design and manufacture of this case. Now that it's a reality, we love it.

CGA16: Bone/Crimson interior, Taylor fit
Bone/Forest Green interior, Martin grand auditorium
Now accepting orders for other color combinations.

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