Updated December 11, 2013.

Price Mandolin Cases

All models are offered in a stark white or bone exterior with interior colors Crimson, Royal Blue or Forest Green.

They give the mandolin the best possible support and protection from bumps, bruises, shocks and temperature.

The leather handles are steel lined for long service.

2014 Price Teardrop Mandolin Case

The Price teardrop mandolin case is a wedge-shaped fiberglass case with two storage compartments and the mandolin is well supported to provide maximum protection from shock. The instrument does not make contact with the case shell at any point.

The new 2014 version of the teardrop, after extensive retooling, is in production. Compare it to the other teardrops on the market, and ask yourself, "If I were a high school senior, and these cases were the girls in my class, which one would I ask to the prom?"

End view

Most fiberglass cases are offered with a smooth surface, or texture at additional cost. The Price case is beautifully textured as a standard feature.

Price is listed on ordering page.

Bone/forest green

2011 Price StreamLine Mandolin Case

The Price StreamLine mandolin case is a unique fiberglass case designed to afford excellent protection with minimum size. It is 1/2" shorter and 1/2" narrower than the teardrop case.

Compare the clearance of the scroll with that of the best known imported competitive case, in which there have been numerous reports of broken pegheads or scrolls. The instrument does not make contact with the case shell at any point. Here are views of the hinge side, and the handle side.

Here's what the interior looks like, with the accessory box open.

The StreamLine housing a Randy Wood fern F-5....

White/Forest Green interior
Bone/Forest Green
White/Royal Blue

Price is listed on ordering page.

The newest addition to the mandolin case line is the Classic Mandolin case, based on several examples of traditional oblong designs. Pictured is a prototype with the same general layout used in the original Price and Nelson mandolin case. The new case is narrower, slightly shorter and slimmer than the older model.

This view shows the cargo box open, with ten CD's inside. Very useful for the touring professional.

Two other interior arrangements are available, one with the mandolin centered on the long axis or midline of the case, and two parallel cargo boxes.

The other has one large box on the hinge side and the mandolin peghead closest to the handle side of the case.

Bone/Forest Green interior
White/Forest Green interior
Now accepting orders for other color combinations.

Price is listed on ordering page.

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